Success Stories

“Performing Arts is my home away from home. I danced there for 15 years, from 3 all the way to my high school graduation. I am now in my second year of college and I just couldn’t stay away from this wonderful environment, so I work here now. The staff is full of the most loving, caring, and talented people. Each teacher has their own style of dancing, and each teacher projects their ethics of hard work and perseverance, and it shows in the students. This is the best place in my life and I have always looked forward to each day I have to be here. I love it!”
– Rebekah
“Lily started out here 3 years ago at age 3 and I couldn’t be happier with everyone involved with the studio! She’s turned into quite the dancer and I love seeing how happy she is to go to class every week. I recommend this studio to anyone that asks where they should go!”
– Holly
“I danced here for 15+ years, the staff and organization is astounding! There’s so many classes and times available, very clean, and were always understanding when it came to tuition payments. I strongly believe that this is the best dance studio in WNY to enroll your children in.”
– Taylor
“My daughters have been attending Performing Arts for over 10 years and the professionalism with the close-knit feel is the biggest plus for me. The instructors are great and at the top of their game… creative and never stifled. The growth that I have seen/experienced at this studio speaks for itself, from the studio’s remodel to the addition of new teachers and classes, to now being able to offer amazing workshops with nationally known artists. All I can do is be thankful for the opportunity that this studio has given my daughters.”
– Kelly
“My daughter started dancing at Performing Arts last year, taking 2 classes. She loves it so much that this year she is taking 4 classes! Ms. Sue and her staff are warm and welcoming – as we didn’t have any ‘dance experience’ before coming here, we didn’t quite know what to expect. They have the best teachers and classes! And my daughter has informed me she plans to take even more classes next year (she’s 9!). That to me is the tell-tale sign that Ms. Sue is doing everything right!”
– Christine
“My daughter has danced in the D.C. area and in Pittsburgh before moving here. I can honestly say this has been the very best dance studio she has ever been a part of, anywhere. My daughter loves her instructors, and it has an incredibly warm and family friendly atmosphere. Truly, I can’t say enough positive things about the instructors and Ms. Sue.”
– Amy
“It is so wonderful to be able to observe my granddaughter’s dance classes! The teachers are very loving to the children, yet professional and supportive. Thank you for allowing us these times to observe! The atmosphere at the studio is like being at home – very friendly and welcoming.”
– Sue
“Excellence in dance — with heart, love and spirit — and a spectacular end of year recital! I run the video team which is privileged to record and retell their performances — and this is the ONLY school whose words in their ‘behind the scenes’ reel brought tears to my eyes with their beautiful touching introspective words. Thanks for doing what you do!”
– Candlelight Productions